Murcian Rugby Union Cup 2nd Leg

Murcia Rugby Federacion

The second leg of the Cup

This week there is a halt in Rugby Union league in almost all competitions while teams of I and II Territorial Rugby Union play mixed at FERRMUR Cup matches


XV RUGBY MURCIA vs. C.R. ALBACETE 11/14/2015 at 18:00 in the field Monterromero (Campus of Espinardo)


Club Universitario de Rugby de Murcia vs. ITV Vega Baja 11/14/2015 at 18:00 in the field of Raya (Murcia)

C.R. TOTANA vs. C.R. LORCA 14/11/2015 at “6 de Diciembre” field (Totana) at 17:30

In Valle del Guadalentín we have the only confrontation between two teams from different leagues this leg, between CR Totana and C.R. Lorca this leg. In the pre-season both teams faced the Guadalentín Cup play – a traditional competition between the two teams with a trophy earthenware basin – with Lorca team victory. The XV del Sol has a favorable balance of victories in its confrontation with Totana, which have only one victory last year, just in the last edition of the Copa del Guadalentín.

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After the defeat in the derby against the University of Murcia, Murcia Rugby XV and the CR Albacete turn to see their faces again. The XV won in League competition against Albacete two weeks ago. On the other hand, the manchegos come from winning the ITV in Albacete and play this time Monterromero in Espinardo. It is possible that the moral XV is bruised after its defeat in the derby, so the match can have a different result. Meanwhile the University of Murcia, full of confidence after beating the XV Rugby Murcia, will face another of theur league rivals, ITV Vega Baja

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Advanced match of League and Cup match postponed

There is an advanced match of Senior Female League between CUDER, current leader of the classification and CR Lorca, who is, with a game less, third in the table and have the opportunity to reach Murcia, as long as the Lorca team get offensive bonus point. Otherwise, the CUDER would get distance from Lorca and Squalos.

The Universitario de Cartagena match against San Javier Squalo has been postponed for replanting in the field of La Asomada

Rank after 1st leg of Cup

GROUP I            POINTS

XV Rugby Murcia    5

CRU Cartagena       5

RC Albacete            0

Squalos SJV           0



CRU Murcia            5

ITV Vega Baja        4

CR Lorca                0

CR Totana              0