Mojácar Welcomes Belgian Cyclists

Mojácar, Headquarters of the Belgian Cycling Federation


Mojácar, the Official Venue of the Belgian Cycling Federation in Spain, has already received the first groups of cyclists of the season who will be staying in the town for training over the next few months until late spring.

The youth and women’s squads of the Rabobank team are staying at the Hotel Marina Playa Mojácar for the first two months of the year. Every day, they go out to practice and their colourful team gear can be seen amongst the local traffic. They ride simulated cycle races and set out for each session fully equipped with supplies, support vehicles, mechanics just as they would in a real road race.

The Belgian and Dutch teams arrived in late January thanks to Kortweg Cycling Travel, a Belgian agency specializing in cycling. They organize very specific and carefully chosen destinations following the demands of these elite athletes. These groups will continue to arrive weekly until the end of May.

Jan Almeye, Belgian professional cyclist and manager of Kortweg and Piet Kuijs, a great ex-rider and the professional trainer of Rabobank claim that Mojácar, along with Mallorca and Calpe is one of the most popular cycling destinations. No other area has the high quality of roads combined with the low level of motor traffic. Both professionals agree that Mojácar also has a great diversity of routes for combined training, including mountains and long flat stretches of road which allows riders to change altitude quickly.  In addition, of course the Mojácar area also has a perfect climate for cycling.

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One of their favourite and most popular routes which they consider their “Queen Stage” starts from Mojácar Playa and goes up though Bedar (Sierra Cabrera), passing though the Puerto de la Virgen (Sierra de los Filabres) and finishing in Cabo de Gata. The Sierra Cabrera mountain range is good example, just 15km from Mojácar with the first part having a rating of over 200 points APM coefficient. It also has maximum gradients of 22% and a whole kilometre stretch at 12.3%.