A defining Season for Lorca Deportiva?

Much has happened in the football community in Lorca over the past few months with Xu Genbao expressing interest to unite the Lorca football world into one solid unit, to form Lorca FC. An agreement could not be reached between both parties so Lorca Deportiva will fight once again in the Tercera Division with a passion to reach the play offs for a second season in a row.

CF Lorca DeportivaAfter achieving promotion to the Tercera in the 2014-15 season Deportiva went on to have a fantastic year at the higher level, only conceding 16 goals in 34 games, finishing with a goal difference of +48 & add to that losing only four games throughout shows just how difficult it was for teams to break them down.

Looking forward the club have appointed Sergio Sánchez (La Hoya B) as head coach after getting the La Hoya B side promotion at a canter. Also new arrivals on the playing staff are Antonio (Lorca FC B), Alberto Hortal (La Unión), Felix Bapé (Flagenfurt), Ortuño, Casado (La Hoya B), Gonzalo Guardiola (FC Jumilla), Dani (La Hoya B), Edu Alarte (La Hoya Lorca) and Michael (El Palmar).

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Remaining with the club will be Juan Daniel, Luismi, Chicho, Pele, Momprevil, Carrasco, Zaplana, Kuki, Omar & Pico. But they have lost Guille (El Palmar), Campanas (Águilas), Gerardo (Coruxo) & Fran Minaya (Cacereño) who have moved on to pastures new.

A defining season for Deportiva? Certainly, as the newly formed Lorca FC have the budget and vision to push on for the La Liga 2. Deportiva need to have the support from the loyal fans not to mention the passion and desire to be up there with the Lorca FC neighbors.

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Pre Season Fixtures:

26/07 – xx.xx – Olímpico Totana – Lorca Deportiva. Juan Cayuela

30/07 – xx.xx – Lumbreras – Lorca Deportiva. Municipal

15/08 – xx.xx – Aguilas – Lorca Deportiva. El Rubial

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