Sport Central is dedicated to bringing you the best coverage of local & national sport within Spain and throughout the world keeping the ex-pat informed and engaged. Our local writers and reporters will focus on Football, Golf, Tennis, Motorsport & much more throughout Spain & abroad.

You can follow us on Twitter: @SportCentralES & Facebook: Sport Central

 If you have an article or you would like us to cover a team/sport in your area the please use our contact page to show your interest. We are always looking for budding writers to contribute to the brand and can give some valuable exposure when starting, for seasoned writers we can offer greater exposure to your portfolio.

The future for Sport Central will include a local monthly magazine that will be distributed throughout Almeria & Murcia that will keep you informed of the local sporting events going on near you, plus a weekly TV show that will bring highlights of the weekly activities…..

 The future is looking good for sport with Sport Central.

You can also contact the Editor (Lee Rickard Graham) directly via or 6715 09 116 (Whatsapp Ready)